A place steeped in history

Over 160 years of family history


The Rustic Maze is located between Young and Grenfell, on our property ‘Lower Coolegong’. The property was originally settled in the 1850’s before the township of Young’s first surveyor’s peg was knocked into the ground. It continues to be held by the descendants of the original settlers, the Maroney family. The history of this area and its properties is very interesting and I am happy to share a story or two with you.

‘Lower Coolegong’ currently operates primarily as a cropping farm (canola & wheat), although we do run a mob of Dorper sheep. Over the years we have been active in fencing off all the creek and flow lines, regenerating these areas to establish wildlife corridors. 

Since moving out to the farm 16 years ago we have been working hard at redesigning and establishing the garden, though Mother Nature hasn’t always been on our side. The ever expanding garden now includes the maze, mosaic garden & café. My dream has finally come to fruition! We are also restoring our C1910 historic home – a very slow but rewarding process!

The current garden area is approximately 5ha, and it is always growing, much to my husband Jodie’s disbelief. Even as I write this designs for a new garden area to link to the shearing shed (our new Wedding Venue) are in the pipeline. So exciting!

The garden and maze are my passion and I am looking forward to sharing them with you.